Monday, May 16, 2011


Okay so I finally got in contact with someone who can give me information on weddings in Aruba. As my previous post shows the Marriott Wedding that I am wanting is REALLY more money that we can spend. So I have been looking into other options but as my other frustrated postings show, not an easy task.

I have a couple of worries going outside of the hotel for planning assistance. 1 - are they really who they say they are and do what they say they do. Most want a deposit but I don't feel comfortable doing this without meeting them. So I am thinking this December, when we visit, I will set up a meeting with them to confirm everything. Is this waiting too long??? I may start freaking out if we don't have something set in stone rather shortly. Every one of the listings below are considerably cheaper minus the well known hotels they are similar in price, maybe a hundred off of each other.

Should I worry more about convenience so that we don't have to worry about transportation?

Prices below do not include flights, stay, and all of the things done before the wedding, JUST Reception and Ceremony.

Planners: ($6,200 for everything)

Aruba Fairy Tales (Tierra Del Sol, Machebo Beach Resort, or Phoniex Beach Resort)

Resorts NOT Main Stream

Well Known Hotels: (At least $10,000 for everything)

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  1. I think it's really weird that most planners want a deposit. I really don't think thats legit. You should definitely meet with them first to get to know the people and look at the work they've done before you give them any kind of money.
    Oh and thanks for the comment darling :) School is going really well. My major is marketing, i love it so far!

  2. I am so agreeing, I don't want to have one of those horror stories where they take my money and aren't legitimate.

  3. I agree with Raquel, it's best to meet them and discuss things, even to make sure that you are on the same page. And seeing pictures of their previous weddings would be a plus!