Monday, May 2, 2011


I realized, I haven't really shared anything about us as a couple, because I've been so obsessed with getting things started. The Aruba plannings are going SLOW! I have been looking into other options and planners since the Marriott is a bit more than I would enjoy spending :)

So Mr. C and I met, my freshmen year of college. I think it is a funny story. His cousin lived down the hall from me and we actually, met in the laundry room, she didn't know how to sort and I did! She invited me into DC to meet up with her cousin and some of his friends. I HATED him when I first met him. He was what I knew as a typical New Yorkers, a little rude and rough around the edges. It also annoyed me he wouldn't even talk to me or the other girls from my school.  

A Month and a half goes by... then his cousin decides him and I should go on a date. We actually have a lot in common and would have a good time. So we went to dinner and a movie, typical date, although, we really did have a lot in common and he wasn't really a typical New Yorker, he just likes to look like he was. Now he is rarely ever a typical New Yorker.

Fast forward to 2011... we have been together for six and half years and got engaged on Valentine's Day, officially, because he asked me in October for our six year anniversary but was waiting to design my ring on our yearly trip to the Caribbeans, which I love. 

I have to say I am the luckiest girl, but don't we all say that, when we find our best friend and love of our life. He treats me like a princess and he knew how much I was into the Royal wedding so look at my Friday Night, dinner surprise! It is hysterical and so our sense of humor.
A Pink Princess ring! But of course in Pink for his princess :) And not from a Royal Blood line.

The even cuter part, is he woke me up in time to watch the Royal Wedding. Who says that men don't enjoy happily ever after never met Mr. C! Happy Monday everyone.

Until next time....


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  2. aww this is precious! so excited for you! and your ring is GORGEOUS!!!

  3. Thanks! I thought it was fun, to see my real engagement ring look at the ring post. :)

  4. THANKS!!! You guys are truly wonderful. And not mention I really appreciate the feedback. What would I do without it, probably loose my mind. You know how families are, everyone has an opinion, and they are always the best one ;)

  5. What a cute story!

    And how adorable and funny is he with that ring? haha

  6. You are so sweet. I thought he was hilarious. And we so took some pictures like Kate and William did for their engagement because we are nerds!!