Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Binder Divider #2: Aruba & Honeymoon

In this section, I am keeping a copy of important email correspondence with the Marriott, any important Aruba information I want to keep to put in the Welcome Bags, and I will put Honeymoon information. We decided thanks to do the Jamaica thanks to Whity Wife. Link is below if you are interested in this all inclusive place. She had a similar budget to us and they ended up having left over money!! WAHOOO. I love the sound of that.

Even more exciting, I found a book by date that you can pay in installments. With only a $100 deposit. You also get to lock in the price for today. I called them at the 1-800 number because I am so far in advance, they have locked me into the 2011 prices for our January 2013 trip date. WAHOO.

They have 4 resorts with various inclusions on them. ALL HAVE GOLF, Mr. C's favorite. Plus tennis, lots of bars and food. We are having a hard time deciding which resort, we have until next Friday to decide to lock us in the 2011 prices. Each place has a great activities list with a lot to do. I am a planner, Mr. C is NOT. So this will give us opportunities to do things together and apart. Especially while he plays a round of golf or two.

Until next time....AmazingFabulousWedding@gmail.com

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  1. Sounds amazing!! I am part planner part fly by the seat..sometimes flying by the seat on vacation you end up having the most fun because you don't expect anything! We are shooting for Hawaii..I can't wait!!