Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Binder Divider #3: Rehearsal Dinner

This is what the view looks like from inside.

This is what a lot of their decorations look like :)

So we decided on Windows on Aruba for our Rehearsal Dinner. It is beautiful and allows everyone the opportunity to come and go, since some of our family and friends will be coming in at random times. The boat option just made things more confined in terms of time.

I had really wanted to do something creative like snorkeling or a Dinner boat cruise but it just makes things so complicated. Plus, Windows on Aruba is beautiful.

We decided to do a custom menu for our guests with open bar for 3 hours.

It will be $35 per person for food including taxes and tip. $25 per person for the 3 hours of open bar if they choose including taxes and tip. (We made it optional because not everyone in our group will be drinking.)

Food: $1,050
Drinks: Estimating that 20 people will be drinking $500
TOTAL: $1550

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  1. Wow looks like a beautiful spot..and I agree on not doing to boat thing because then you would leave behind guests that are not getting in until later.