Monday, May 23, 2011

Wedding Binder!

Thank you for everyones kind words when I was having a melt down. I decided to take the weekend to organize myself. So this is part one of the organizing posts. I designed a binder to organize my paper work and thoughts. Here is what it looks like. I designed it on I got the 2 inch size.

Dividers I used: 

  • Budget (Invitations, Contracts, Bill Payment Sheet, and Schedule of payments, Photography information, Registry Information)
  • Aruba & Honeymoon - Flights, Stay, Map, All about Aruba 
  • Rehearsal Dinner - Contract, Special Information
  • Ceremony - Officiant, Marriage License Information, Name Change Information, Program
  • Reception - DJ, Flowers, Cake, Menus
  • Bride (Here I have my dress information, place to get my veil and dress cleaned, ring information, garter, Hair & Make Up Information, etc.)
  • Groom (Ring, attire, etc.)
  • Wedding Party (Including parents in this one)
  • Decor & Favors
I am also working on a wedding website to help keep me organized, share my projects and share information with our guests. What did/are you doing to keep organized? How did you do it?? All tips are greatly welcome!!

Tomorrow I will show you my to do lists and items I put in each tab!

Until next time....

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  1. Yes the wedding webstie helps. I as well have about 80 different lists, on wedding wire, the knot..but I think its easiest to chose one and stick to it..but I was nervous one would have something that the other didn't so I didn't want to forget anything! The binder is good too. I also have a book that I use strictly for "to do lists" and things to buy while I am out.