Friday, April 22, 2011

Budget Thoughts and updates!!

Let me know what you think! Can always use the help!!!

Here is my DRAFT of what it will cost at the Marriott:

Aruba Marriott Expenses (A la Carte, no Negotiations yet or package deals) 
***Plus trying to figure out how much of this I can do myself or have others do so we can SAVE!! 
Based on 30 Guests

  • Officiant: $350 (Could always have a really good friend do this, is that totally tacky???)
  • Bamboo Arch with Fresh Flowers: $450 (I don't think I can part with this, it is beautiful pictures)
  • Palm fringed aisle decorations, leading to alter, with Flowers, Coconuts, and Tiki Torches: $200 (I could make my own decorations for the aisles and have flowers added in to cut down the cost, might not be worth it thought)
  • Sand Ceremony (Personalized Vases, Navy Sand, and Pink Sand) $ 50 (Looking online to find this at the best price, personalization is more expensive than I thought, I could vinyl my own glass pieces that I like with our personalizations on it)
  • TOTAL: $1050 (New total would be $725 - I left $50 in for a gift for the person who did the officiant)
Flowers- (it is Aruba can you part with flowers at all???)
  • Bride: $125
  • Maid of Honor: $75
  • Bridesmaids (3): $165
  • Groom: $13
  • Best Man: $75
  • Groomsmen (3): $33
  • Mothers (2): $50
  • Fathers (2): $22
  • TOTAL: $558
  • 2 Tier with fresh flowers (serves up to 40 people): $380
Photography & Videography
  • Photographer: 3 hours, 108 pictures, CD to go with, Album $1250
  • Videography: 2 hours $950 (Have a family friend who does this for a living and offered to do this)
  • TOTAL: $2,200 ($1300, left 50 in the budget for gift for Videographer)
  • DJ (3 Hours): $750 /$175 each additional hour (Only need a three hour party, lots of hotels to go to afterwards, so won't need additional hours)
  • TOTAL: $750
Welcome Drinks (We don't have to do this but think it is a wonderful touch for the Aruba festivities)
  • Coconut Drinks $4.50 per person
  • TOTAL: $135
Getting Ready
  • Bride Hair & Make-up: $235
  • Bridesmaids & Mother's Hair: $425 (Offered to pay for their own, should I allow this since they are coming all the way to Aruba, I feel this is something I can do for them.)
  • Bridesmaids & Mother's Make-up: $250 (Offered to pay for their own, should I allow this since they are coming all the way to Aruba, I feel this is something I can do for them.)
  • TOTAL: $910
Additional Fee for Weekend
  • $500 (Negotiated this to $250)
Buffet - Taste of Tuscany 
  • $64 per guest includes dessert, coffee, water, soda. (Negotiated this to $58 per person, no desserts, just wedding cake - is this a good move????)
  • TOTAL: $1,920 ($1740)
  • Set Up and Bartender Fee: $115
  • Premium Bar Service for 3 hours: $50 per person. $1,500
  • TOTAL: $1615
TOTAL: $10,018           NEW TOTAL: $8363 This is looking a bit better!

Other Expenses:
Wedding Band for Her:
Wedding Band for Him:
Save the Dates:
Thank Yous:
Welcome Bags:
Bridal Party Gifts:
Parents Gifts:
Rehearsal Dinner:

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