Monday, May 2, 2011

Groom & Groomsmen Attire

Since this is a destination wedding, I didn't want to do suits or tuxes. Plus that isn't really our style. All of the groomsmen have a Navy jacket. So I am going to ask them to do Khakis, plus part of our gift to the groomsmen will be the matching ties. 

Should the Groom have a different tie than the other groomsmen?? (One idea is that we can have everyone wear one of the ties below or have the groomsmen wear the tie below and have my fiancĂ©e wear a Pink tie to stand out.) Not sure what I like the best yet. Not a lot of inspiration on the internet for Pink and Navy groomsmen attire.  

I found 2 ties that I absolutely love, these would be ONE of the gifts to our groomsmen for them to wear the day of the wedding. Let me know your pick!

This is the look that I am going for:
Should we do White Shirts or Light Pink Shirts? 

I also found a fun picture while I was internet suffering/researching as I like to call it, instead of time wasting or being wedding obsessed :)

I thought these socks were awesome!  

Until next time...

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