Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wedding Dress Update - BIG Change - NOW I said yes!

So I made a huge mistake with my previous wedding dress - post here. Don't get me wrong it was a beautiful dress and I did love it at the time. But I realized I feel in love with the price range and the dress wasn't really me. So I did the unthinkable - I returned it and got my $390 back.

I saw this dress on accident from an email from the Washingtonian Magazine. It didn't have the dress just the designer so here is my new dress:

I truly love everything about it. This is truly my style and a reflection of me. Now that we aren't doing a destination wedding, the other dress just doesn't fit at all.
Until next time....

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Flowers of Pink!

Flowers - Probably the most expensive thing on the budget of a wedding. So I've been playing with doing my own flowers/centerpieces.

I'm in love with Gerber Daisies!!! So many online resources for Bulk Flowers - costco,,

Bridesmaid Bouquets - I would add bling to it and ribbons but they are pretty! And the price is right $16.99 if you buy more than one it is $15.99.
From - direct link above.

Boutonniere - $5.99 each (1 Groom, 6 Groomsmen & 2 Dad's - 9 Total $53.91)
I'm going to buy their Bulk Hot Pink Gerber Daisies - I get 10 - 1 to practice at $15 - but I can always change my mind later not to do them.) 
From, exact link above

Mother's Corsages - $6.99 each - I need 5 - $35. I could make these too if I wanted same price as above for bulk flowers of 10.

My favorite is Bunches Direct the link has their wedding options. Reasonable prices but I haven't seen the actual product.

My Bouquet - $89.99

Bling - of course I want it. For $16.99 I'm have it, I have a coupon. 

Ashley from Love Loft gave me a fabulous idea, I could do FAKE roses. I hadn't even considered it. So of course I am doing my research. 

Hot Pink Rose Petals for Aisle - Real online I've seen $60 - $150 depending on how many you want.

Petal Garden - you can order the colors for free up to 10, they have 84 to choose from!!!! So of course I already made my order. $2.99 for 100 petals. Value Packs of 1000 petals for $17.99.

Here are the colors I ordered to check out:
 Hot Pink
 Ivory with Pink
Navy Blue

I obviously want to see if they will go with the other purchases I have made, which should be here next week. I'm having a heck of a time deciding on the AISLE!!! This is my next big project I think.

I am also looking into this Petal Wholesaler - - but they don't seem to have samples to order and are a little more expensive.

Until next time....

Monday, January 23, 2012

Outdoor Plans for Ceremony & Reception

Lots of things to make and do to make the outside more comfortable and pretty during our ceremony and reception. Please see the PINK for your help!!! I need input :) **Note I went picture happy today!

We have a large grassy area to have the ceremony where I can walk out from the house. 
To make:

  • Aisle Runner - I'm still researching which is easier purchasing and decorating or buying a personalized Runner. I found a couple of inspiration photos online that I like:

 Here is our color scheme on white. I like the names in pink but maybe not the same swirls.
I love the petals in this photograph plus love the color of the aisle runner if I went with this color I'd do Navy Blue with White writing on it.

Question: Is it cheesy to use fake dyed petals??
  • Pew Decor - HELP - what do I do with this??? Ribbons? Flowers? Looking for cost effective.
  • Alter for Ceremony Decor

I found this on Amazon for $100, then went to Recycled Bride, found it for $45 it wasn't white but I can paint it :) So I ordered it yesterday!

Inspiration to Decorate:

I cannot decide if I want to do flowers or not??

To rent:
  • Chairs:
Having a heck of a time finding white NICE chairs. If you know of any places in Long Island, NY -- please let me know!!

Update 2/11: I decided to go all Navy on the tables with Fuchsia accents with napkins and flowers. This way Mr. C will actually want to follow through with the marriage. After seeing the Fuchsia it is extremely bright and not as flattering as the Navy. Here is what I ended up with.

Table Runner (Flocking) - White / Navy Blue
60" Overlay (Satin) - Navy Blue
Chair Sash (Organza) - Navy Blue
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As always thanks for your thoughts and input! I really do appreciate them.

Until next time....