Friday, June 17, 2011

I am so behind!

Wow! It is amazing how quickly this week flew by. Unpacking, preparing for the future in-laws to come this weekend, and getting ready for father's day has put all wedding planning on hold!

Okay, Mr. C and I decided, we are going to get a dog! Any ideas on what breeds would be perfect for an apartment and aren't too barky!?? I am used to very large dogs which we aren't going to do. We are probably going to do 30-40 pounds.

We are so excited, another big step in our relationship, plus I am thinking this will show me how he is going to be with children. He is SUPER excited about getting a dog and I think he is really cute. Also, let me know where you take your doggies with you and any good dog walking companies in the DC area!!! You guys as always are wonderful. I promise I am spending all day Sunday looking over all my favorite blogs so I can catch myself up with what you all are doing!!!

Until next time....

Friday, June 10, 2011

STUFF & Cleaning!!!

Okay everything is in the place! I did not realize how much STUFF we both have collectively until I saw it in boxes and all of the entire house. We both agreed we need to throw or donate some stuff away!

THANK YOU for all of your comments. I am so using all of your suggestions. Not to mention it is always comforting to know I am not the only person who is figuring out this whole living together thing. 

No internet or TV until Sunday which has been actually really good. We have to entertain each other and talk with each other. It has been a great way to bond in our new place. When I read an article about not putting a TV in the bedroom, especially your first year of marriage, those people really knew what they were talking about.

BIG QUESTION!!! How do you all divide up your cleaning duties around the house!? I come from a "old school home". Where my mom stayed home and did all the housework and my dad did the yard work or fixed things around the house when they broke. His parents always had a house keeper, plus similar "old school" roles for his mom and dad. Plus, I don't think he has ever cleaned up after himself. I don't necessarily want to have this type of set up. Mr. C CANNOT do laundry to save his life, he always finds the RED or Pink something and puts it in with the wrong load. So he is banded from doing laundry. Or shrinks his clothes. So this was the first decision made. The only rule I made was I would only launder things in the hamper. I hope this is a good incentive. 

As for everything else, the only other things we agreed on was he would take out the trash. So I need some serious help/suggestions. I'm thinking like a teacher and wanting to give him a rewards chart, which won't go over well :)

Until next time....

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I almost forgot to tell you all that I decided to take the plunge and move with Mr. C into the new place in McLean. Moving day is TODAY!! I can not believe it. I have the best future in-laws to come down to help supervise while Mr. C and I both work. Ugh. It was horrible that we both could not get off, but to have both of our apartments not charge us a fortune we had to make it work.

Can I say nervous? YES! I mean I love him to pieces that is not the question, it is just a lot of decisions, hopefully not too many fights, and well how do I say this:
We have very different decorating ideas!!!!!

I think this is going to be our biggest problem. I am a whites, pinks, and blacks. He is all black or dark wood with modern "silver" decorations. He has already said you got the pink wedding, I don't want too much pink in our house. So I get a bathroom and the kitchen. Plus of course my closet since almost everything I own is pink.

We decided on Navy Blue for our bathroom. Bright Blue and Black for the Bedroom, Red and Black for the living area. Needless to say, his parents have been in town so we haven't been fighting with them but another difference we have is he is MESSY and I am organized. I would say I am the queen of organization by any means I have my organized chaos moments as I would like to call them. But I am not messy by any stretch of the imagination and always clean up after I get home from work.

Here is life's first journey together!!! Very excited and nervous.

Until next time....

Monday, June 6, 2011

Wedding Jewelry!

I found a website with lots of jewelry that I am wanting to wear for my wedding day and of course, I need your advice.

I am looking at earrings, headband, bracelet, and evening bag they are in my price range but do not have a matching set, so my question is will this all go well together. I also got a coupon for following them on twitter which I think is so sweet.

I wanted to do a Navy evening gown since my sash and shoes will be Fushia.
I am using my Mother's Veil and wanted to Modernize it with my sense of flair. I loved this, not too much but still a little bling.

I fell in love with this bracelet and just think it is so pretty.

I absolutely love these earrings.

Total Cost for Jewelry & Bag $150.

Until next