Monday, July 18, 2011


Okay I have to ask. I am sitting on the train home from NY, went to a wedding that was beautiful! Sunflowers and pink, outside -- which was hot as hell, but so beautiful. So back to that in a minute, main question: Mother-in-Law's. Do they change after you get engaged? Then do they change again once you are married.

I have to give a bit of background, mine has for 98% of the time been wonderful. We have only gotten into one "miscommunication" as I like to call it because we didn't really fight in the past 7 years that I have been dating Mr. C. And it was because her son waits to the last minute to make any decision, so believe you me, he heard it from me afterwards. But besides the point I love him even though he is a procrastinator. I have always LOVED Mr. C's family. They are caring, welcoming, and just wonderful. And we always joke that I'm the crazy southerner, and she's the crazy New Yorker (yes, you have to say it with the accent). I have started to notice the change... and it is hard to describe -- just completely different. She is still extremely nice to me although I feel the wedding planning things are making things weird. Openly she talks about how she hates weddings, said it numerous times on the way to the one we went to, then would be like oh I'm sorry yours is different it's to my son. But said how she didn't even want to have one to for herself and doesn't understand spending so much money and inviting all these people that you don't really want to spend time with anyways. I have to say I bit my tongue through it all. Didn't say a word. Luckily, my father-in-law, did chime in and say numerous things about family, tradition, and 99% of women (excluding her) love weddings and she should respect that fact. So I didn't feel the need to respond. But I am wondering if she see's how I might feel in this entire situation.

I am starting feel like she doesn't want to go to our wedding, doesn't care about the people invited, and would rather us go to court and do it ourselves. We aren't having a big wedding -- just a NY party afterwards, which she requested and I happily agreed to as I thought it would be great for all of the family up there to be apart of celebrating.

I guess I had such a great time at the wedding and then when we got home to hear all of this, I am a little down and just having a hard time picking myself back up since my previous post about wedding blues. I'm getting so stressed about not having drama and making everyone happy I might be loosing my mind a bit!

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July

So proud to be an American and be able to celebrate our freedom this weekend. What a blessed nation we are to have soldiers fighting for that freedom and keep us safe! Thank you for all that you do.

I have been absent from posting, I apologize. I have so many blogs to catch up on what you all are doing, be ready for the comments. Plus, I have SOOO much to tell you.

Swim Team is going great. We are 1-1. Plus who doesn't love having Sunday and Monday off for the 4th of July. I have been working on my classes to finish my teaching license, which is why I have been absent, so many papers, projects, tests, and work to complete while coaching - which has been extremely dramatic. As any teacher or coach knows, the parents are often more difficult than the students or athletes. Well, let's just say I have had a ton of drama because ONE mother likes to gossip and make things up. You will love this, she spread a rumor around the swim team that I am expecting! AND I AM NOT! We are waiting until we are married for a while before this. I was completely upset and cried. She was telling everyone how I am immoral and a bad influence on their children because I wasn't married yet and expecting. I couldn't believe it. So I finally had to confront her yesterday. She was at the swim meet talking badly about me, in front of my face to numerous parents, so I called a meeting with her and the swim team board to have witnesses. I was surprisingly not as upset as I thought I would get while talking with her. Tried to put her in her place in the nicest/firmest way possible. And let me tell you, I was able to sleep last night. It was just amazing. 

Okay, on to more fun things! We decided on a dog. We are getting a Golden Mountain Dog. Which is part Golden Retriever and part Bernese Mountain Dog. We contacted the breeder who is local here in Virginia and she has a dog that is expecting within the next couple of weeks. We of course could not get her until she is 8 weeks old. But we are so excited. Here is a pick of what she will potentially look like:

I think I have finally almost unpacked everything and reorganized my wedding planning station. Yes, in the new place I have a room devoted to my desk, projects, and wedding planning materials. My hope is to go back into full wedding planning mode in August. So do not be surprised if my posts are taking a break from wedding and all things swimming, doggies, and building our relationship.

We met with my pastor from my childhood who I found out is still local and he has agreed to be our pastor for our wedding. He said he has frequent flyer miles he would love to use to be able to come down. I have known the man for 15 years so I am SOOO excited. We are starting the pre-marital counseling next week. We meet with the pastor for a bunch of sessions to discuss the wedding of course, but ultimately how to make our marriage work. Have any of you taken these courses and did you learn good things??

We also started reading "The 5 Love Languages". If you have not read this book with your man, whether you are married or not, you should read it! Due to moving, we had a fight and completely lost it and try not to ever do that. I was talking to a girl friend who recommended we read the book. I have already learned so much about the way we express our love to one another and how to understand what the other person wants, is not necessarily what you want. It is all things I guarantee you have thought about but never sat down and put logic to it! I love it.

Have an incredible 4th of July! I have missed blogging with you all.
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