Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I need serious help with this. Here are our top choices. We are lucky enough that his parents have given us $5,000 for a week away! We would be leaving from Aruba. We both are able to have the week in Aruba that we always have with family and then head on our honeymoon so a 2 week vacation. We are so lucky. Plus I just found out searching for flights this year to see prices, much cheaper to fly home and then leave from home after a couple of days. So we may want to come home early, get settled then leave.

1. Capri, Italy ($919 flight per person) This is Mr. C's top choice. It truly is beautiful.
2. Australia ($2,600 flight per person)
3. Hawaii ($663 flight per person)
4. Fiji (Can't fly directly there still researching costs of this)
5. Paris ($935 flight per person)
6. Turks & Caicos ($804 flight per person)
7. Madrid ($772 flight per person)

Where did you go on your Honeymoon? What did you do? Any suggestions on what we should do when we are there. I want to plan a day or two of things to do. My Future hubby prefers NO PLANS at all but I just can not handle that so we compromised on 2 days that I could plan, the rest will be fly by the seat of our pants :)

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  1. oh my gosh- please please go to my blog and look at the Jamaica related posts. I did 5 posts on our honeymoon!

    We had 5,000 and we had money left over! It was all inclusive!! I would tell you to go to Couple's Resort in Negril Jamaica- but my best advice GO TO AN ALL INCLUSIVE!

  2. We went on a cruise that my in-laws paid for to Grand Cayman Island and Cozumel, Mexico. We enjoyed being on the boat cuz we are huge ocean fans ;) For our 5 year I'm hoping to go on a Disney cruise ;)

  3. We are planning on going to parents gave us a week of their timeshare to use anywhere so we are shooting for Hawaii. I have heard great things about Sandals all inclusive..St. Lucia, etc. I think anywhere you go you will absolutely LOVE!

  4. I live in Australia, from the US, and whenever I fly back and forth the jet lag is horrible! Seriously takes me 2 weeks to get over it. Might not want that on a honeymoon? But if you did want to go, you could get cheaper. I've never paid more than 1200 roughy trip from Atlanta. They all sound like fun!