Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Amazing Mets Garter!

Number 1

Number 2

Which one do you like better 1 or 2???

Okay they aren't as amazing as they could be right now, but Mr. C is IN LOVE with them, probably more than me during baseball season. So as I surprise to him I wanted to do the following:
  • Garter in Mets (2 designs not sure which is more man-friendly)
  • Mets Groom Cake - Marriott Cake Designer said they could do this for me for relatively cheap ($100 for a small Grooms cake, that I figured they could have during cigars and scotch time - it is a Mr. C family tradition at any family events for the men to do this so I am living it up with this.) I found some ideas and they have all been approved as being able to do!
  • I need ideas on how else I can make this wedding more MR. C friendly as he has been wonderful in the sense it is YOUR day do what YOU want, but it is about US and our life together.


Until next time....AmazingFabulousWedding@gmail.com


  1. I like the number one set better - it's sexier!! The white is a little too frilly for my taste! BTW - I think this is a super cute idea for a garter!!

  2. Thanks Sarah! I was so thinking that as well. And I think the second one is more "traditional" and that is so not me :)