Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Disney World happiness!

Oh Disney truly is the most magical place on earth. I saw a wedding going on at the Grand Floridian which was absolutely beautiful and put me back into the "I want to plan my magical moment" wedding. I of course wanted to change my mind again, which I'm not.

We did everything Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and my personal favorite Harry Potter in Universal Studios.

If you aren't a Harry Potter fan which Mr. C is not, you will still LOVE Harry Potterville. It is so cool and realistic for those of us who know the ins and outs of HP. I already decided I'm doing my classroom HP next year since I'm teaching 6th grade.

So the ride is very technologically advanced but the wait is the best part, walking up and seeing the characters in monograms I'm guessing was so cool. You see the sorting hat, the moving paintings. You have to try BUTTER BEER!!! So good. I wasn't sure what to think but it was so good it is like butterscotch meets cream soda.

Have a magical day!! Yes they really say that all of the time :)

Until next time....

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


So my amazing fabulous grandmother went to heaven. November 4, 2011. I am so lucky to be with her as she took her last breath. I could not be more lucky to take care of someone who has taken care of me for so long. Her funeral was on Wednesday, November 9th and I got to meet some friends and family of hers that I haven't seen/met. So it that sense she made some amazing connections for me and my family even in the after life.

I still have a voicemail she left me and I listen to it every day. I cherish her voice. And hope I can save it some how. Any tips/help on how I can do this??? If I loose it I will be so disappointed.

Until next time....

Happy Thanksgiving - Off to Florida we go!

Mr. C and I are going to Disney for Thanksgiving, which is a much needed vacation for both of us. As you know, my grandmother passed away and I was away for about a month plus he's been working like crazy so we really haven't seen each other this past month.

We are doing all those things that I loved as a child plus going to HARRY POTTER!!! I couldn't be more excited, even if I have to wear a crazy family t-shirt. Oh so exciting. I get to be tigger which is my favorite so I'm getting over it. Such an awesome fashion statement.

I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving! I know I have so much to be thankful for this year. My grandmother is in heaven and in no more pain. I'm happily planning a wedding to the man of my dreams, and we ARE staying within our budget. I love my job, my family, and my friends. Looking forward to catching up on all of your blogs!!!

Until next time....

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Visiting my Grandmother Part 1

I've been gone from blogging for a while. Between school starting, my grandmother, and life in general, I have been behind on the blog writing curve! I apologize. I warn you that this post is gross at times but really capture my heart right now, in the mid-west, helping my grandmother through the last stages of life. I take no offense to not reading it. I actually completely understand. I wish I wasn't experiencing this in my life yet, but When your living it each day, it is easier to just write. At times no matter how hard you try to be tears just form, it's life. I've learned this lesson. This whole experience is making me stronger and even more ready to get married and have children. 

I pray that everyone is doing well.

I arrived on Sunday evening around 10:45pm. I took three flights, visited 4 states and 4 airports. I knew she was going to be bad, but nothing really prepares you for the last stages before death.Especially of someone whom you have loved so dearly. The last time I saw her, which was about a month ago, would just take occasional naps, Monday, October 31 she was up for maybe 10 minutes the entire day. It broke my heart to see her so helpless and tired. She would moan she hurt so badly. She is taking a morphine and nausea medication every 2 hours. If she doesn't take the nausea medication she literally pukes poop. It is the most horrifying thing to observe someone's body not working properly there is absolutely nothing that you can do. All she ate a cup of peaches and a cup of blackberry pie with milk that was all, all day. With some water here and there.

I give her credit thought she tries extremely hard to be in good spirits but I imagine it is probably the hardest thing she does each day. You try massages, giving her whatever she wants to comfort her. Last night was an extremely bad night. She threw up numerous times - green colored poop this time. She has started hallucinating from the morphine I am assuming. She thought I went to the world series, asked me why I'm not married yet - I should have babies by now - I would be a good mother. She went to use the bathroom last night and thought the curtains were toilet paper. She got extremely upset that we couldn't get her to bed fast enough after using the bathroom. You just aren't sure what to do.

Luckily she still knows who we are but I don't imagine this will last very long. She received flowers yesterday that we put bedside to hopefully give her something pretty to look at the few moments that she is awake. We have decided that since she is so quiet and tries to hard to be strong we are putting her on a medication regiment, making her take her two medications every 2 hours instead of letting her decide if she wants them. We installed a baby monitor but she is so quiet sometimes you don't hear her especially when you sleep.

I am at that point, where I pray to God regularly that he would just take her. It sounds horrible to say out loud but if you saw what I have seen, you wouldn't want her to be dealing with this either. Someone so special, loving, caring, and amazing shouldn't be so miserable and unhappy. 

My grandma was having anxiety over what she would wear to her own funeral. So my aunt asked her what she wanted to wear and jewelry she would want to wear. So we washed it, ironed it, and laid out her jewelry.It is so hard to believe that in 2 short months we are at this place. A woman who has previously had such great health is doing so poorly now. 

My grandfather is just beside himself, he doesn't know what to do with himself once she passes. He has begged my Aunt/Uncle who live near them to allow him to move in with them, he would pay them. Which we all have just wondered why he is so quick to give up his independence.

The entire week is extremely emotionally draining and tiring. My grandmother has said a million times she hates me seeing her this way. I don't care! I'm happy to have the time with her and be able to help her through this difficult and trying time.

Until next time....

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First Pre-martial counseling session

We are going to our first pre-marital counseling session on Saturday. I'm a little nervous, as I have never done counseling with Mr. C before so I'm interested to see how this goes. Anyone have any ideas on what to expect??

Until next

I'm home!

I'm home from Oklahomaaaa. If you have seen the play, which Mr. C recently took me to before I went to visit the family. You know that song. Hysterical. So the gma is doing well, surprisingly, for not eating and sleeping all the time. It is so weird to see her and think wow you have cancer. It was surreal, but an awesome experience. She shared so many memories, love, and advice for my upcoming marriage and wedding. It was truly beautiful. Thank you for all of your support.

We (my gma and I) picked out and ordered these:  We searched and searched for exactly what I was looking for. I bought them from here. And found a coupon online. Shipping and everything $65.

We also found:
These are from beautiful. The store is

Lots more to come just not enough time to print it all, plus tons of stories to tell you! Looking forward to catching up on your blogs tonight while I'm at a training. I know I'm horrible.
Until next time....

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I haven't been all wedding talk...

So I found out yesterday that my grandmother has terminal cancer and has a couple of weeks to live. So I am packing up to head out west to spend her last days with her. She has graciously said she wants to help me make some wedding decisions. So my huge wedding binder will make the trip with me as well. She also has some things that she wants me to bring back with me for the wedding. As sad as this time is, I am so blessed to know I have this time left with her to make some special memories and hopefully use some things from her wedding 65 years ago! They just celebrated their 65th Anniversary last month. She hasn't met Mr. C yet because my grandparents haven't traveled in years and it is expensive to fly out west for two people. He is being fabulous and taking a couple of days off to spend a long weekend with us so she can meet him. Lately, if it isn't one thing, it is another but I appreciate all of your sweet messages and patience with me as I am dealing with the ever changing things around me.

All things wedding...
We have narrowed it down to 3 wedding venues in the DC area.
1. Springfield Country Club - our family friends have a membership and want to offer this to us as a location.
2. Westin - Washington DC - Mr. C's company has deals with the Westin so we would be getting a reasonable rate for the hotel.
3. Tyson's Corner Marriott - Mr. C and I have built up points over the years which would reduce the cost

My goal is to have a deposit down on a place shortly, we are still in the negotiating stage.

After I finalize the place - hopefully by next weekend, I am going to send out an updated Save the Date email card. Yes, I am going cheap again on the Save the Dates.

We had to sit down and go over the guest list again as we were planning to send invitations to all we wanted, knowing that not everyone would be able to make our destination but expressed that they wanted an invitation. We are inviting 75 people, knowing that usually 75% of the people you invite will show up.

Looking forward to reading your blogs! Hope you are having a great start to the school year.

Until next time....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

If you noticed, I added Life to my blog title! I decided that I haven't been talking just about weddings anyways so why not make it about everything in my life :)

Until next time....

Big Changes and Happy First Day of School!!

I've been gone for a month and I just haven't been able to compile a post yet. As I told you before, my dad beat cancer, although is still without a job been a year now. After very careful and prayerful consideration, I have decided not to accept any money from my parents for the wedding.

We have also had to reconsider our venue as Aruba is an expensive trip for my parents who just don't have the money right now. So, we have decided that we are going to have the wedding somewhere in the states either in DC or Florida. DC is going to be COLD in the Winter for our date, which we aren't really wanting to change since we have told everyone. (12/30/12). Plus, I do not want to get married in 2013 - I guess I am superstitious.

For the past month, I have been getting deposits back and trying to inform the family that we aren't going to Aruba anymore for our wedding. It's been really hard - I sound spoiled, I know, I really wanted to beach wedding and it so fit into our budget. Now I really have to penny pinch because other developments have come about:

- I had to get a new car mine died! I tried to not spend too much of my savings but I had to so my monthly payments would be reasonable.

- We have been traveling to NY a lot due to Mr. C's grandmother being ill, as you know tolls and gas are expensive so we have been splitting it.

- With giving the money back which I feel so happy about being able to do for my parents, we know have an extremely small budget so I am trying to figure out how we can make this work and still be a wonderful memory for us. Our goal was never to bend the bank anyways.

- My mission for September is to go venue searching. Pick a venue and pick up from where we left off. With having the wedding at home, we have to plan on way more attending than just 30. So this is going to be an adventure for us.

- We are going to continue doing our premarital counseling which has been such a blessing throughout this whole time. I had always thought we have talked about everything we needed to talk about, especially since we both have different religious upbringings. We are reaching each other on that deeper level that I didn't realize we hadn't really gotten in our own personal conversations.

- Plus, Mr. C - which if you know him, he has been a commitmentaphobe and wanting to wait on everything, is wanting to get down to the baby making as soon as we get married, so we decided to finish the basement of our newly purchased house and add on a top level to the attic area so we have some additional space to our three bedroom home as right now we have the Master bedroom, he has an office as he works from home a couple of days a week, I have had an office as well as we all know teachers never stop working, plus I do some additional jobs during the school year and summer which require me to need space to work. Now we could always give up a space for a baby, but we want more than one so we both decided he would move his office to the attic area, which is a great area, I will move my office area to the Kitchen area (we are adding a built in desk) so that we have two rooms available for babies and a basement play area. This project will probably take as long as the wedding planning but as Mr. C has said - this allows him to do his type of planning and me to do mine. Perfect compromise. As I have told you before, Mr. C is not really into the wedding planning - he just wants to have it and enjoy a surprise party for our love as he likes to call it.

The first day of school yesterday was fabulous. My students reminded me that it is all going to be okay and I should harp about things I can not control. Weddings are a happy time and the best time of your life -- I need to get back to that, stop worrying and enjoy the moments.
Until next

Friday, August 5, 2011

MIA...I apologize

Wow! It has been awhile. Anyone who has been in the swimming world, knows it consumes your life for about 8 weeks, then you are back to reality. It has been a semi-nice break from wedding planning as I told you I was in a funk, but I am back to my positive, happy, and energetic self. Not to mention a tan and good hair cut do wonders for your self-esteem. 

So wedding planning goals before I go back to teaching:

  • Bridesmaid Cards delivering them - this is HORRIBLE of me
  • Ordering of Bridesmaid dresses for ALL of my bridesmaids
  • Finalize guest list
  • Order wedding invitations paper and out of town fun stuff - doing a passport and airline ticket style invitation :)
  • Decide on Rehearsal Dinner - finalize budget on this (In-Laws)
  • Finalize plans with my pastor - he is pretty sure he can make it to ARUBA!!
  • Plan for Welcome Bags - what do I want to include
  • Update Registries and finalize any additional items that we need
  • Make a wedding website
  • Decide on food, drinks, and anything else to tell the Marriott about our Reception
  • Figure out Ceremony
  • WOW the list is never ending.
Hope everyone is having a fabulous August and I am so excited to catch myself up on what you all have been doing. As always thank you SOOOO much for your comments. They keep me going!

Until next time....

Monday, July 18, 2011


Okay I have to ask. I am sitting on the train home from NY, went to a wedding that was beautiful! Sunflowers and pink, outside -- which was hot as hell, but so beautiful. So back to that in a minute, main question: Mother-in-Law's. Do they change after you get engaged? Then do they change again once you are married.

I have to give a bit of background, mine has for 98% of the time been wonderful. We have only gotten into one "miscommunication" as I like to call it because we didn't really fight in the past 7 years that I have been dating Mr. C. And it was because her son waits to the last minute to make any decision, so believe you me, he heard it from me afterwards. But besides the point I love him even though he is a procrastinator. I have always LOVED Mr. C's family. They are caring, welcoming, and just wonderful. And we always joke that I'm the crazy southerner, and she's the crazy New Yorker (yes, you have to say it with the accent). I have started to notice the change... and it is hard to describe -- just completely different. She is still extremely nice to me although I feel the wedding planning things are making things weird. Openly she talks about how she hates weddings, said it numerous times on the way to the one we went to, then would be like oh I'm sorry yours is different it's to my son. But said how she didn't even want to have one to for herself and doesn't understand spending so much money and inviting all these people that you don't really want to spend time with anyways. I have to say I bit my tongue through it all. Didn't say a word. Luckily, my father-in-law, did chime in and say numerous things about family, tradition, and 99% of women (excluding her) love weddings and she should respect that fact. So I didn't feel the need to respond. But I am wondering if she see's how I might feel in this entire situation.

I am starting feel like she doesn't want to go to our wedding, doesn't care about the people invited, and would rather us go to court and do it ourselves. We aren't having a big wedding -- just a NY party afterwards, which she requested and I happily agreed to as I thought it would be great for all of the family up there to be apart of celebrating.

I guess I had such a great time at the wedding and then when we got home to hear all of this, I am a little down and just having a hard time picking myself back up since my previous post about wedding blues. I'm getting so stressed about not having drama and making everyone happy I might be loosing my mind a bit!

Until next

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July

So proud to be an American and be able to celebrate our freedom this weekend. What a blessed nation we are to have soldiers fighting for that freedom and keep us safe! Thank you for all that you do.

I have been absent from posting, I apologize. I have so many blogs to catch up on what you all are doing, be ready for the comments. Plus, I have SOOO much to tell you.

Swim Team is going great. We are 1-1. Plus who doesn't love having Sunday and Monday off for the 4th of July. I have been working on my classes to finish my teaching license, which is why I have been absent, so many papers, projects, tests, and work to complete while coaching - which has been extremely dramatic. As any teacher or coach knows, the parents are often more difficult than the students or athletes. Well, let's just say I have had a ton of drama because ONE mother likes to gossip and make things up. You will love this, she spread a rumor around the swim team that I am expecting! AND I AM NOT! We are waiting until we are married for a while before this. I was completely upset and cried. She was telling everyone how I am immoral and a bad influence on their children because I wasn't married yet and expecting. I couldn't believe it. So I finally had to confront her yesterday. She was at the swim meet talking badly about me, in front of my face to numerous parents, so I called a meeting with her and the swim team board to have witnesses. I was surprisingly not as upset as I thought I would get while talking with her. Tried to put her in her place in the nicest/firmest way possible. And let me tell you, I was able to sleep last night. It was just amazing. 

Okay, on to more fun things! We decided on a dog. We are getting a Golden Mountain Dog. Which is part Golden Retriever and part Bernese Mountain Dog. We contacted the breeder who is local here in Virginia and she has a dog that is expecting within the next couple of weeks. We of course could not get her until she is 8 weeks old. But we are so excited. Here is a pick of what she will potentially look like:

I think I have finally almost unpacked everything and reorganized my wedding planning station. Yes, in the new place I have a room devoted to my desk, projects, and wedding planning materials. My hope is to go back into full wedding planning mode in August. So do not be surprised if my posts are taking a break from wedding and all things swimming, doggies, and building our relationship.

We met with my pastor from my childhood who I found out is still local and he has agreed to be our pastor for our wedding. He said he has frequent flyer miles he would love to use to be able to come down. I have known the man for 15 years so I am SOOO excited. We are starting the pre-marital counseling next week. We meet with the pastor for a bunch of sessions to discuss the wedding of course, but ultimately how to make our marriage work. Have any of you taken these courses and did you learn good things??

We also started reading "The 5 Love Languages". If you have not read this book with your man, whether you are married or not, you should read it! Due to moving, we had a fight and completely lost it and try not to ever do that. I was talking to a girl friend who recommended we read the book. I have already learned so much about the way we express our love to one another and how to understand what the other person wants, is not necessarily what you want. It is all things I guarantee you have thought about but never sat down and put logic to it! I love it.

Have an incredible 4th of July! I have missed blogging with you all.
Until next time....

Friday, June 17, 2011

I am so behind!

Wow! It is amazing how quickly this week flew by. Unpacking, preparing for the future in-laws to come this weekend, and getting ready for father's day has put all wedding planning on hold!

Okay, Mr. C and I decided, we are going to get a dog! Any ideas on what breeds would be perfect for an apartment and aren't too barky!?? I am used to very large dogs which we aren't going to do. We are probably going to do 30-40 pounds.

We are so excited, another big step in our relationship, plus I am thinking this will show me how he is going to be with children. He is SUPER excited about getting a dog and I think he is really cute. Also, let me know where you take your doggies with you and any good dog walking companies in the DC area!!! You guys as always are wonderful. I promise I am spending all day Sunday looking over all my favorite blogs so I can catch myself up with what you all are doing!!!

Until next time....

Friday, June 10, 2011

STUFF & Cleaning!!!

Okay everything is in the place! I did not realize how much STUFF we both have collectively until I saw it in boxes and all of the entire house. We both agreed we need to throw or donate some stuff away!

THANK YOU for all of your comments. I am so using all of your suggestions. Not to mention it is always comforting to know I am not the only person who is figuring out this whole living together thing. 

No internet or TV until Sunday which has been actually really good. We have to entertain each other and talk with each other. It has been a great way to bond in our new place. When I read an article about not putting a TV in the bedroom, especially your first year of marriage, those people really knew what they were talking about.

BIG QUESTION!!! How do you all divide up your cleaning duties around the house!? I come from a "old school home". Where my mom stayed home and did all the housework and my dad did the yard work or fixed things around the house when they broke. His parents always had a house keeper, plus similar "old school" roles for his mom and dad. Plus, I don't think he has ever cleaned up after himself. I don't necessarily want to have this type of set up. Mr. C CANNOT do laundry to save his life, he always finds the RED or Pink something and puts it in with the wrong load. So he is banded from doing laundry. Or shrinks his clothes. So this was the first decision made. The only rule I made was I would only launder things in the hamper. I hope this is a good incentive. 

As for everything else, the only other things we agreed on was he would take out the trash. So I need some serious help/suggestions. I'm thinking like a teacher and wanting to give him a rewards chart, which won't go over well :)

Until next time....

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I almost forgot to tell you all that I decided to take the plunge and move with Mr. C into the new place in McLean. Moving day is TODAY!! I can not believe it. I have the best future in-laws to come down to help supervise while Mr. C and I both work. Ugh. It was horrible that we both could not get off, but to have both of our apartments not charge us a fortune we had to make it work.

Can I say nervous? YES! I mean I love him to pieces that is not the question, it is just a lot of decisions, hopefully not too many fights, and well how do I say this:
We have very different decorating ideas!!!!!

I think this is going to be our biggest problem. I am a whites, pinks, and blacks. He is all black or dark wood with modern "silver" decorations. He has already said you got the pink wedding, I don't want too much pink in our house. So I get a bathroom and the kitchen. Plus of course my closet since almost everything I own is pink.

We decided on Navy Blue for our bathroom. Bright Blue and Black for the Bedroom, Red and Black for the living area. Needless to say, his parents have been in town so we haven't been fighting with them but another difference we have is he is MESSY and I am organized. I would say I am the queen of organization by any means I have my organized chaos moments as I would like to call them. But I am not messy by any stretch of the imagination and always clean up after I get home from work.

Here is life's first journey together!!! Very excited and nervous.

Until next time....

Monday, June 6, 2011

Wedding Jewelry!

I found a website with lots of jewelry that I am wanting to wear for my wedding day and of course, I need your advice.

I am looking at earrings, headband, bracelet, and evening bag they are in my price range but do not have a matching set, so my question is will this all go well together. I also got a coupon for following them on twitter which I think is so sweet.

I wanted to do a Navy evening gown since my sash and shoes will be Fushia.
I am using my Mother's Veil and wanted to Modernize it with my sense of flair. I loved this, not too much but still a little bling.

I fell in love with this bracelet and just think it is so pretty.

I absolutely love these earrings.

Total Cost for Jewelry & Bag $150.

Until next

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Engagement Party "Thank Yous"

I had to find something that matched the party theme so I went out and bought these today. I wanted a lighter pink because that was more of the theme but nothing with black. All I need to do is find some more addresses and they are finished. I wanted to find some envelopes to match but this has been quite a problem. So I decided to take my regular boring envelopes and add a liner to them to make them more pretty!

Until next

Binder Divider #5: Reception

Ceremony & Reception Update!!!!

We are getting married in Mr. C's families' backyard in Long Island, New York. They have 5 acres of land, that is gorgeous and has a pool. Plus it is free. We will have to rent chairs, do catering and such but it will be just beautiful. Plus we don't have to do just dancing afterwards we can have various things going on outside while we drink and have a good time.

At first I couldn't believe I was going to do this but at the end of the day, I don't really care where my wedding is as long as it happens. I want my family and friends to be there and now we can still invite everyone that we want and aren't worrying as much about the bottom line.

I am going to have to hire people to serve and be bar tenders but I think we can make this an awesome time. Who would have ever thought I would have a backyard wedding? Not this girl.

Until next

Binder Divider #4: Ceremony

I think I posted previously about meeting with my Youth Pastor from when I was in Middle School. I have known him for 13 years so I thought it would be fitting to ask him to do our wedding ceremony for us. He has agreed, we are bringing him to ARUBA! We do have to do 5 premarital sessions with him to talk about our values (especially them being different, I was brought up a Christian, he is a Catholic Jew), Children, Money, Family, and Sex. Sounds crazy but I am so excited. My youth pastor and I are very close so I think this is going to be a great opportunity for Mr. C and I to grow as a couple and learn more about each other.

We have already decided that we are going to do a Christian ceremony with some Jewish traditions added in which my pastor has gracious been accepting of this.

Jewish Traditions
  • breaking of the class which symbolizes the memory of the destruction of the temple
  • bride walking around the husband seven times to signify the seven blessings
  • getting married under a Chuppah which is a symbol of the couples new home together
  • Reading of the 7 Blessings
  • Yichud which is when the bride and groom are escorted into a room and left alone for a few minutes to symbol their new married, living, together life.
  • ****Please don't take offense if I get something wrong!! I am doing my best to get it all right :)
Christian Traditions
  • Communion
  • Pronouncing Husband & Wife
  • Presenting the Couple
  • Cutting and Feeding Cake Symbolizing the covenant they have made to one another
  • Families seated on separate sides
  • Center Aisle
  • Seating of the Parents
  • Groom Enters first
  • Father escorts his daughter the bride
  • White Wedding Dress
  • Sand Ceremony - Unity Ceremony of course with Navy and Pink Sand
  • Bride on the left hand side
  • Bible Verse: Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Both Traditions
  • Exchanging of the rings
  • Veiling of the Bride
  • Reception (Ceremonial Meals)
It has been an extremely interesting and learning experience for me! Please share any tidbits I might be forgetting :)

Until next

Binder Divider #3: Rehearsal Dinner

This is what the view looks like from inside.

This is what a lot of their decorations look like :)

So we decided on Windows on Aruba for our Rehearsal Dinner. It is beautiful and allows everyone the opportunity to come and go, since some of our family and friends will be coming in at random times. The boat option just made things more confined in terms of time.

I had really wanted to do something creative like snorkeling or a Dinner boat cruise but it just makes things so complicated. Plus, Windows on Aruba is beautiful.

We decided to do a custom menu for our guests with open bar for 3 hours.

It will be $35 per person for food including taxes and tip. $25 per person for the 3 hours of open bar if they choose including taxes and tip. (We made it optional because not everyone in our group will be drinking.)

Food: $1,050
Drinks: Estimating that 20 people will be drinking $500
TOTAL: $1550

Until next

Binder Divider #2: Aruba & Honeymoon

In this section, I am keeping a copy of important email correspondence with the Marriott, any important Aruba information I want to keep to put in the Welcome Bags, and I will put Honeymoon information. We decided thanks to do the Jamaica thanks to Whity Wife. Link is below if you are interested in this all inclusive place. She had a similar budget to us and they ended up having left over money!! WAHOOO. I love the sound of that.

Even more exciting, I found a book by date that you can pay in installments. With only a $100 deposit. You also get to lock in the price for today. I called them at the 1-800 number because I am so far in advance, they have locked me into the 2011 prices for our January 2013 trip date. WAHOO.

They have 4 resorts with various inclusions on them. ALL HAVE GOLF, Mr. C's favorite. Plus tennis, lots of bars and food. We are having a hard time deciding which resort, we have until next Friday to decide to lock us in the 2011 prices. Each place has a great activities list with a lot to do. I am a planner, Mr. C is NOT. So this will give us opportunities to do things together and apart. Especially while he plays a round of golf or two.

Until next

Engagement Party Success

What a fantastic party my future mother in law threw for us. I was so completely impressed. THANK YOU for celebrating us and making me feel so welcome into the family. Everything was just beautiful. The theme was light pink and black, it looked completely amazing. My camera is broken so I am awaiting posts of pictures from family and friends.

She did black table cloths with pink center liners with crystals and pink flowers in the vases. I was so impressed and how could I not. Very sophisticated but cute. YAY!

So much to share in my next post. I have made a LOT of purchases and really started working on my DIY projects. Plus lots of Organizational things I have done.

Until next

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I need serious help with this. Here are our top choices. We are lucky enough that his parents have given us $5,000 for a week away! We would be leaving from Aruba. We both are able to have the week in Aruba that we always have with family and then head on our honeymoon so a 2 week vacation. We are so lucky. Plus I just found out searching for flights this year to see prices, much cheaper to fly home and then leave from home after a couple of days. So we may want to come home early, get settled then leave.

1. Capri, Italy ($919 flight per person) This is Mr. C's top choice. It truly is beautiful.
2. Australia ($2,600 flight per person)
3. Hawaii ($663 flight per person)
4. Fiji (Can't fly directly there still researching costs of this)
5. Paris ($935 flight per person)
6. Turks & Caicos ($804 flight per person)
7. Madrid ($772 flight per person)

Where did you go on your Honeymoon? What did you do? Any suggestions on what we should do when we are there. I want to plan a day or two of things to do. My Future hubby prefers NO PLANS at all but I just can not handle that so we compromised on 2 days that I could plan, the rest will be fly by the seat of our pants :)

Until next

Binder Divider #1: Budget

So I have this part of my binder on my computer and I print it out weekly, sometimes twice a week so I have a printed copy if I need it when meeting with family, friends, MR. C, or potential Vendors. I made it in google documents because WOW o WOW does google documents have a lot of templates already made if anyone is interested.

This is great for NOT having to reinvent the wheel. I love having it online as well as in my notebook so if I lost it or need to make changes I have it where ever I need it. Plus it is PINK, who doesn't love pink. Well, I actually know a lot of people, but for me, it is perfect.

Until next

Engagement Party

My fabulous Mother in Law, is throwing us an engagement party the weekend of July 4th since everyone will be able to get up to NY, although, we are going to have to take the train. I don't know if any of you have the wonderful task of trying to drive from DC to NY. It is never a fun task and when you do do it, it is better at night, late at night to miss traffic and construction.

Although, we have started using Amtrak Business Express and it has been a fabulous experience. I bring my blockbuster movies that I get in the mail, hook up my computer, and 3 and half hours later, you are in NY. WONDERFUL! Then you can either take the LIRR to the Island or we get picked up by my future sister in law.

I think this is finally getting me back in the mood of wedding planning! I am so excited to see all our family and friends.

Until next time....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Okay I know that I post about weddings, but I also have been talking about our budget, saving money. Which has been hard in itself. I just found this and couldn't wait to share with someone. I'm at work and can't except for you ALL!

Coinstar you can do for FREE if you put it into a giftcard. Lots of places to put the money on a gift card to.
Stop n Shop
Banana Republic
Old Navy
Regal Cinema

I love coinstar but HATE having to pay the fee when I could roll them myself. I always end up with a lot of coins every year working at a school. Hope you enjoy.

Until next time....

Monday, May 23, 2011

Wedding Binder!

Thank you for everyones kind words when I was having a melt down. I decided to take the weekend to organize myself. So this is part one of the organizing posts. I designed a binder to organize my paper work and thoughts. Here is what it looks like. I designed it on I got the 2 inch size.

Dividers I used: 

  • Budget (Invitations, Contracts, Bill Payment Sheet, and Schedule of payments, Photography information, Registry Information)
  • Aruba & Honeymoon - Flights, Stay, Map, All about Aruba 
  • Rehearsal Dinner - Contract, Special Information
  • Ceremony - Officiant, Marriage License Information, Name Change Information, Program
  • Reception - DJ, Flowers, Cake, Menus
  • Bride (Here I have my dress information, place to get my veil and dress cleaned, ring information, garter, Hair & Make Up Information, etc.)
  • Groom (Ring, attire, etc.)
  • Wedding Party (Including parents in this one)
  • Decor & Favors
I am also working on a wedding website to help keep me organized, share my projects and share information with our guests. What did/are you doing to keep organized? How did you do it?? All tips are greatly welcome!!

Tomorrow I will show you my to do lists and items I put in each tab!

Until next time....

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Save the Date-Round 2

So we decided to do FREE, yes I said FREE, Save the Dates, online from! I know not as wonderful as Magnets or postcards. But I do have Free Color Printing at my work, so I did make some color copies and have handed them out to those who wish to put it on their refrigerator or most people are printing them off for themselves. Of course am framing one! I actually really like them. Hope you do too! Plus it forced me to make sure I have an updated email and address for everyone on my list to start our family contacts binder. I know I'm such a nerd.

Plus, the nice thing about is that we could send it as an RSVP, so we can get a primary head count of how many people we are expecting, and we will send out more detailed information to them soon so we can get reservations and cheaper flights!!

Until next time.... ~ Future Mrs. C

Something Borrowed

This was my old post that got lost in the blogger shut down from 5/17:

So I have to go and see this movie this weekend, now that I am DONE!!!!! can not put enough exclamation marks on DONE with classes this semester and worrying about my father (see yesterday's post for the EXCITING news). I didn't read the book, which everyone is telling me to do first, but who wants to be normal anyways is my philosophy! My entire wedding, long relationship (6 and half years before engagement), and lack of diamonds engagement ring, I think show I am far from "normal". Which I hope is a good thing! Anyone seen the movie?? I would love feedback on it. I have heard good and bad from both sides, of course, book was better. But I LOVE Kate Hudson. How to loose a guy in 10 days - one of the first movie I made Mr. C see and you can't forget Bridal Wars! Oh hilarious.

I am hoping this will get me into the wedding planning mode as I have gotten a little off track with keeping up with my to do list! AHH! Trying not to freak out. I haven't "officially" asked my bridesmaids to be my bridesmaids, even though we have decided on the dresses. How do you do this? Should I make something for them? Send a card? I need to do this, this weekend, I am hoping! I'm thinking both, card and make something with our picture??? Can't wait to show off my creations. I hope they are cute!!

Until next

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday Wedding Slump

I have to be honest. I am a little overwhelmed today. I am looking at my To Do list and budget and am just at the point of what do I do today. As excited as I am about this time in my life, I am at a loss today at where to begin with the wedding planning. What do I do next. I feel like I am all over the place, being very Wedding Planning ADD. As soon as something pops in my head, I run with it and I feel I am leaving other things on the bottom of the list when they should be further up on the list.

HELP! Where should I go from here?????? Has anyone else felt this way? Am I totally loosing my mind? Is it weird for a day, I might just not want to talk weddings? Then I feel guilty, because I am the luckiest girl in the world. Engaged, bought a house, dad beat cancer, probably getting a dog in July which I am so excited about, and not to mention my wedding is in one of the most beautiful places I could possibly think of. What is my problem!!??

Okay now that I just whined, I can get back to reality! I had a slow day at work, at the school where I work, I am running the standardized testing which is going on for two very stressful weeks. You wouldn't think this is a big deal oh yes it is. So I very much enjoyed reading everyone's blogs today. I was extremely behind. You all give me such great inspiration, feeding my ADD. :)

Until next

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Amazing Mets CAKE

Okay here are the cakes I found. Somehow blogger is different on my computer ever since there crash and I can't add images wherever I want anymore. Here are the three different cake ideas that I am liking and they can do for me in Aruba for $100 for 40 slices. Way cheaper than the wedding cake for that amount.

Number One:

Number 2: Except I would want Traditional NY print on the hat.

Number 3: I had to throw this in, it's so cute.

Until next

Amazing Mets Garter!

Number 1

Number 2

Which one do you like better 1 or 2???

Okay they aren't as amazing as they could be right now, but Mr. C is IN LOVE with them, probably more than me during baseball season. So as I surprise to him I wanted to do the following:
  • Garter in Mets (2 designs not sure which is more man-friendly)
  • Mets Groom Cake - Marriott Cake Designer said they could do this for me for relatively cheap ($100 for a small Grooms cake, that I figured they could have during cigars and scotch time - it is a Mr. C family tradition at any family events for the men to do this so I am living it up with this.) I found some ideas and they have all been approved as being able to do!
  • I need ideas on how else I can make this wedding more MR. C friendly as he has been wonderful in the sense it is YOUR day do what YOU want, but it is about US and our life together.


Until next