Friday, June 17, 2011

I am so behind!

Wow! It is amazing how quickly this week flew by. Unpacking, preparing for the future in-laws to come this weekend, and getting ready for father's day has put all wedding planning on hold!

Okay, Mr. C and I decided, we are going to get a dog! Any ideas on what breeds would be perfect for an apartment and aren't too barky!?? I am used to very large dogs which we aren't going to do. We are probably going to do 30-40 pounds.

We are so excited, another big step in our relationship, plus I am thinking this will show me how he is going to be with children. He is SUPER excited about getting a dog and I think he is really cute. Also, let me know where you take your doggies with you and any good dog walking companies in the DC area!!! You guys as always are wonderful. I promise I am spending all day Sunday looking over all my favorite blogs so I can catch myself up with what you all are doing!!!

Until next time....


  1. I am so e-mailing you on this one- my comment would be too long! :) Yay for puppy!

  2. Oooo pups are so fun! I have a chihuahua (boy) and yorkie (girl) they are the best pups and fit our lifestyle so well. They also travel easy and very cuddly. :)


  3. Congrats!! We LOVE having a dog..he is our spoiled child!!

  4. Aw, congrats! Get a meduim sized dog, like a Terrrier! Good luck with the new addition.

  5. i'm not good with dog breeds but i love them and i love the idea that you'll see a glimpse of how he may be once you have kids! one thing i hear often, is that dogs [puppies] are harder than kids! i clearly don't know if it's true. just that people aren't so accepting of you bringing dogs lots of places that they would allow children! but... they're so cute and i love seeing PICTURES! haha

    what kind are you leaning toward?!

  6. yay! we're going to be looking for a puppy soon too! What is your wedding date? I want to add you to my blogging brides page!

  7. I don't have a dog but my friend loved her German Shepard!