Friday, April 29, 2011


So of course I woke up early, watched all of the coverage and then couldn't wait to get to my computer to see what everyone thought. 

I have to say I am not sure what I was expecting from her dress and at first I was surprised but as I watched her, it was very her, I'm talking like I know her personally. But I really like it, very modest and classy. The lace was a beautiful touch and of course the tiara was just gorgeous. I was also surprised by lack of flowers. That bouquet was not what I expected at all. Simple and pretty, yet I expected more from the 20 million dollar wedding. 

After being all Royal wedding watcher, I have to say I want to buy myself some hats. I loved the hats they were wearing to the ceremony. I feel I need to add these to my wardrobe and we should bring this to America. 

I had never seen a picture of the invitations either, here they are below.

My favorite part was the carriage ride away from the wedding. They both finally smiled at each other and looked extremely happy! Doesn't a beautiful wedding just make you so happy. I loved it and will admit I want that happily ever after even if it is a fantasy. I just love weddings.

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