Friday, April 22, 2011

Rehearsal Dinner

So for a Rehearsal Dinner, I have gotten many opinions on a "Rehearsal Dinners" for Destination Weddings. Should we do it or not?? Would love your opinions. 

OPTION 1: Dinner Boat Cruise. My future in laws have been nice enough to offer to cover this part of the wedding. 

Quote I got leaving from the Marriott for dinner buffet style & drinks is $58 per person, catered by the Hyatt or Marriott. 

With 30 people anticipated this is $1740. And it would be private, just our group which I like.

This seems reasonable, although I feel I need to do more research. I do not want this to be food that will get us sick, or drinks that will make everyone have hang overs. Here is a picture I found online of the inside of the boat. Looks like a fun time :)

OPTION 2: Windows on Aruba, which is a gorgeous restaurant and has a beautiful view. It is a drive from where we are staying, but worth it. 

Banquet Menu Options run from $42 per person - $59 per person with 15% Gratuity added on. Although this does not include drinks of any kind. Is it rude to do people pay for their own drinks? We would want to go with the more expensive meal as it has better selections. $59 per person X 30 people + 15% gratuity = $2040

I really like both options and so does my man. So what do we choose???

Until next time...

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