Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding

So are you waking up early to watch the wedding? Of course I am! Although, I was listening to the radio this morning and was saddened that they sad the majority of people who are watching are crazied brides to be, who believe in an unrealistic happily ever after. I was stunned and shocked. I like to think I am not crazy and love weddings for what they stand for, love, and your own happily ever after, whatever that might be. I might not be a princess, or have large amount of money to throw down on a wedding, but I am so lucky to have found someone to marry, so many people are still searching. 

For all of you out there watching the Royal wedding for reason other than insanity :) Hope you enjoy, can't wait to hear the comments and of course see her dress! Plus, I wonder what her wedding band will look like, as you know I've been in the process of looking and finding. Plus I have a couple of ideas for mine :) almost completely opposite from my engagement ring which I am going to wear on my right hand. Which is another German tradition. As I said in my previous post if you missed it, German tradition, which has become my family tradition, is that the woman buys the wedding bands and the man doesn't see it until his wedding day. Plus, woman wear their engagement rings on their right hand to symbolize the next phase in their relationship, being married. 

Well, I loved it what can I say, actually Mr. C pointed this out to me liking it for me :)

I really like the bottom one of these, the only one I could find a picture it would let me "copy" these are from Tiffany's so I don't get in trouble. The pinks match which I like.

Happy Plannings!

Until next time....


  1. So excited for the wedding!

    Monique xx