Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beach Weddings...

So many things to remember with a beach wedding.

We have typically stayed at the Marriott Aruba Ocean & Surf Clubs which are time shares. They also have a hotel, they own a large part of the beach, however have never seen a wedding at that part of the beach and we have been to Aruba a dozen times, it is a home away from home for us.

Wanting to do the Marriott but know that will also probably be more expensive than other places. Looks like depending on what food/drink services we want it could be as little as $20 per person or as expensive as $75 per person.

Cocktails/Appetizers and Dinner? Okay I am a big 4 weddings show fan, if you have ever seen this show this is where four brides go to each others weddings, they don't know each other and rate the weddings. The biggest complaint people have is too much food and usually that is from Appetizers. So should I totally skip Appetizers? Just do dinner with of course a wonderful cake?

What is the conscious with open bar. I feel like we should have open bar for at least some of the reception. All weddings I have gone to have had open bar, which was nice. Especially at the beach I feel people are going to want to enjoy some beverages. The majority of the guys who will attend our wedding will smoke cigars so I am planning to have cigars available for those who want.

Some pictures I have seen while researching that I want to take when we have our big day:
with the various flower bouquets 

I love this sitting on the beach cheering our new life together

Love this! The waves add such happiness to this photo

Loved this bridesmaid and bride picture. Everyone looks so happy. Plus who doesn't love playing in the ocean.

As I find more, I will keep posting and send me any of your thoughts. I would love to have ideas before I go. As I talk with various vendors in Aruba, they do whatever you suggest and show you a binder of poses and you get to pick so many. Hoping to have friends/family take a lot of pictures as well. Do people still do the throw away cameras on the reception tables?

Until next time...

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  1. I want my wedding to be at the beach in Hawaii :) Thats my dream location