Sunday, April 17, 2011

Decisions, Decisions!

Decision number one: The colors!!!!

Pink and Navy

Various Shade of pink, why choose just one!

I think it will look gorgeous. And I don't feel it has been over done, or done that much! Plus crystals! Lots of sparkle. 

Decision number two: Location of Wedding ~ ARUBA! A destination wedding is so fitting our families go every year for New Years anyways, why not turn one into a wedding. The pictures would be great and we wouldn't have to spend a fortune on a wedding. Party at home with all the family and friends who can't make it. 

Decision number three: Budget for Aruba Wedding. $10,000 or under. Excluding Airfare and Housing. This is already an expense that we include in our budget every year so it isn't an additional expense. Budget for Party: under $5,000. With all of the DIYs that I want to do, I think I can do this!!
Until next time...

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