Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding Dress

Dress shopping is the best part of wedding planning correct. Well, I like everything and am having a hard time just narrowing down the top 5. So here are my top 5 choices. PLEASE give me your feedback. I will say, I am on the bigger side chest wise, so I tried to pick things that would be flattering and still wedding appropriate. Plus, I've been working out and plan to continue until the wedding so all of the style, I think fit my body type. 

I am also adding in Fushia ribbon/sash whatever you want to call it on all options, the only one I don't think it will work with is option three or four. So I will probably have to go with the fushia shoes. 

Choice Number 1: From The Limited

I didn't even realize they had wedding dresses til I got an email stating that they did. This one is $208 on sale, plus I found a store that has my size right near me, since online does not.

Choice Number 2: From JCREW

I love this dress, hate the model in the first picture, it doesn't do justice to the dress, her hair looks all a mess like she just enjoyed her husband instead of went to a wedding. This is $495 which is a little more than I would like to spend but under my $500 budget. I can also use my 30% off special with JCREW card. Not sure which style I like better. The backs are very different, you'll have to go to the website to check them out. 

Choice Number Three: From Nordstroms

This is completely opposite of the other two dresses but I thought was classy and stunning. It is also in my price range which is $178.

Choice Number Four & Five: From Alfred Angelo 
Both of these options are more expensive than what I am wanting to spend. Although, someone just emailed me today to share Recycled Bride. This is a wonderful website that I am going to look over to see if any of my options are even cheaper on here.

I need some serious feedback as I can not decide what I want to do for the dress. 

I am so lucky to be able to use my mom's veil, which is beautiful, I am going to try and find a scanner so I can show a picture of her with it. It is beautiful. With a beach wedding, I am not sure how I am going to make that all work with the wind blowing. 

Until next time.... HAPPY PLANNINGS!


  1. They are all cute but I like #1 and #5 the best :)

  2. You made my day! #1 is my favorite :) I was leaning towards it but wanted someone to agree, my mother loves #5 so it has been a tough choice!!! Happy Friday.

  3. These are all beautiful but I love #1 & #2! #2 the most!

  4. Thanks!!! I am feeling much better about number 1 now :) I need to retry on #2 again now that you said that!!! I really appreciate it.

  5. Ohhhhhh I LOVE dress number 2 from JCrew. Totally agree about the model though. It is perfect for a destination wedding!! Can't wait to hear which one you pick!

  6. The second one is amazing. With your Mum's veil and a nice necklace or something, it'll be breathtaking!