Monday, January 23, 2012

Outdoor Plans for Ceremony & Reception

Lots of things to make and do to make the outside more comfortable and pretty during our ceremony and reception. Please see the PINK for your help!!! I need input :) **Note I went picture happy today!

We have a large grassy area to have the ceremony where I can walk out from the house. 
To make:

  • Aisle Runner - I'm still researching which is easier purchasing and decorating or buying a personalized Runner. I found a couple of inspiration photos online that I like:

 Here is our color scheme on white. I like the names in pink but maybe not the same swirls.
I love the petals in this photograph plus love the color of the aisle runner if I went with this color I'd do Navy Blue with White writing on it.

Question: Is it cheesy to use fake dyed petals??
  • Pew Decor - HELP - what do I do with this??? Ribbons? Flowers? Looking for cost effective.
  • Alter for Ceremony Decor

I found this on Amazon for $100, then went to Recycled Bride, found it for $45 it wasn't white but I can paint it :) So I ordered it yesterday!

Inspiration to Decorate:

I cannot decide if I want to do flowers or not??

To rent:
  • Chairs:
Having a heck of a time finding white NICE chairs. If you know of any places in Long Island, NY -- please let me know!!

Update 2/11: I decided to go all Navy on the tables with Fuchsia accents with napkins and flowers. This way Mr. C will actually want to follow through with the marriage. After seeing the Fuchsia it is extremely bright and not as flattering as the Navy. Here is what I ended up with.

Table Runner (Flocking) - White / Navy Blue
60" Overlay (Satin) - Navy Blue
Chair Sash (Organza) - Navy Blue
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As always thanks for your thoughts and input! I really do appreciate them.

Until next time....


  1. I seriously love the look of your ceremony! I am doing rose petals as well and mine will be fake! So much cheaper and you really can not tell the difference! I just went to a wedding that had fake rose petals and I could barely tell & they were pink :) everything looks so cute!

    1. Rose petals will look so pretty! I am looking into the fake ones now!!! Thanks for the tip. I was so bummed out how expensive flowers are~!

  2. thanks for your comment!! and yes my mom travels :) ... isn't she so amazing!! she just helped me with my entire apartment (which i will post as soon as it's finished!! good luck with ur planning... isn't it so fun?!

    1. Oh I cannot wait to see what your mom put together for you! I'm sure it is beautiful.

  3. Pinterest? I have been pinning so much wedding stuff for my best friend, I feel like my own wedding will be better because of her and Pinterest.

    1. I will have to check your pinterest out. That site is truly the best invention! Don't know what I would do without it!

  4. I love, love, love the fuscia and navy decor. I was going to reccomend this site for linens, but I went on and compared your prices to theirs and girl you got a steal!! Thats awesome!

    For the alter, my suggestion is the following:
    Depending on where you live in New York (I'm from PA) I know you can probably go in your backyard or a friends and pick some greens/branches. Ok, lots of them. Twine them all around the arbor, covering most of the top and lightly cascading down the sides. Then order some extra fresh flowers from your florist and place them throughout the arbor. (I say extra flowers instead of say an extra boquet bc florests actually charge more for boquets.) Just a thought :) If I think of anything else I'll let you know.

    Also, thanks for stopping by my page earlier.

    1. WOW! I love your idea. I am going to have to practice this first because I want to say I'm talented in the crafting department, but def have to try things out first :) I'm hoping to buy bulk flowers from somewhere -- i'm doing some research now. Hopefully I'll find something reasonable.