Friday, May 25, 2012

My Target (tarjay) Inspired Life...

So it came to me in the shower, yes that is where I do my best thinking, I need a project, something exciting to keep me busy. I am a target obsessed, lady. If you are are pronouncing it the regular way Target than you don't love Tarjay like I do. I live for Target as silly as that sounds, they have awesome coupons - if you have found them click the link. So since I'm not blogging about weddings really any more even though I still will some as my girl friend asked me to help her plan since I had everything started, I would blog about my Target inspired life. 

Since I sold on the house finally!!! Big news that I had with Mr. C, I decided to buy myself a townhouse, a fixer upper townhouse, so I would have projects galore and not to mention have everything my way.

Color Scheme of new place: Pinks, Gray, and Navy Blue: 

I am so excited to start figuring out what I am going to do and I am starting fresh with everything so I can make all new memories! I am doing almost everything from target, of course I'll need some home depot and some help from professionals on a few things as I am not THAT good. I wish I was.

Get ready for all my target deals, I am putting them together :)
Until next time....


  1. Love the color scheme! I'm so glad I'm not the only one that says tarjay...


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